Are you willing to come to Spain but don’t know where to go to enjoy to the fullest your sport tour? Don’t worry, the following destinations will help you to exceed the expectations you have about Spain.

Spain is one of the favorite destinations for Europeans and is also on the top list of destinations in the world. In just one country you can find a bunch of diverse places to visit. With only a few hours ride you will have the feeling you aren’t at the same country. The landscape diversity there is in only one country is unbelievable.

But Spain has a lot more to offer than just nature. Spain is also known for the parties, gastronomy, traditions, and the sunny weather. What also makes special Spain are their people. Spanish are active, really active! Their ability to enjoy life is admirable. In Spain there are only good vibes.

Ever heard about the saying ‘if life gives you a lemon, then make lemonade’ ? After being on a Sport Trip in Spain and get in touch with the Spaniards you will understand this saying.

From the Costa Brava to the Pyrenees and Barcelona. All these destinations are worth it and you can find them at the region of Catalonia. Three top sport destinations for you and your team members, friends or relatives.

Start taking notes and add the following three sport tour destinations on your bucket list. Here we go.


The Pyrenees are extraordinary mountains to explore! It is made up from epic landscapes where you can feel magic. Is such an inspiring place to visit to matter what time of the year! Every season is special in those mountains.

This territory that is not far away from the Costa Brava, is made up for adventure. In this place you will notice that the nature and the mountains are connected. You will feel the real freedom. Especially, if you can go hiking like a free soul and enjoy the routes of the Pyrenees.

You should really go if you want to feel like a free spirit. Explore the snowcapped Pyrenees by bicycle, walking, hiking or go on adventure and challenge yourself and your friends.

Even skiing is a good idea to know more about the Pyrenees and get in touch with the nature in a different way. Visiting Spain in the winter has also its advantages.

Keep yourself away from the noisy and stress routine and go to find real peace.

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Like the name itself defines the Costa Brava is the bravest coastal region of Spain. The Costa Brava can be an incomparable destination formed of little villages with historical traditions. Behind every village there is a history.

Don’t miss the opportunity to compete with international sport teams all over the Costa Brava discovering their unique villages and enjoy the hospitality of their citizens. Every sport you can imagine is possible. From football, field hockey, futsal, basketball, cycling, multisports, handball, rugby, water sports, swimming and more.

The summer sport camps this part of the Mediterranean coast is offering might be an unforgettable experience for you and your team.

For the ones that are travel companions. No panic. You can enjoy the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean Sea in a unique way. There exist routes to go from bay to bay and from beach to beach whether walking or swimming. If you accept the personal challenge this would be an amazing experience.

Try to imagine for a minute the scene. You swimming in open water surrounded by the rocks and fishes of the Costa Brava. If you could tell this to your friends, they might have a profound respect for ever.

The Costa Brava is prepared for all kind of sport having all types of installations for you and your team. This region has experience with all types of sport. So, having the best time of your life with your friends is possible in the Costa Brava!

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The big city. The one and only Barcelona. A city where you can either relax next to the beach with a delicious cocktail or feel the fast-paced lifestyle in the center of the city.

Because of the Olympic Games in 1992 Barcelona has all types of sport facilities for you and your friends. From water sport facilities to the best football, basketball, running, cycling and golfing facilities.

The Catalan capital is a paradise for doing sports because of the tours and events organized almost in every neighborhood. Explore the big city life in an alternative way.

Don’t miss the international tournaments in the third most visited city in Europe. Feel like a professional and learn from every friendly match where team from all over the world can teach you another way of playing. Enjoy every moment in the field, water or bike to the fullest.

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