Swimming & running

Vies Braves

In Costa Brava we have a public network of marine and open water routes called Vies Braves designed for sporting, leisure and educational activities. The routes are marked with signs and buoys, providing a safe way of enjoying open water. They turn the coastal landscape into a tourist destination where people can do open water swimming and snorkelling.

Vies Braves allow you to combine activities such as swimming and snorkelling with trekking or running, as most of the routes run parallel to existing “camí de ronda” footpaths all along the shore, allowing people to discover the landscape from different perspectives.




Arranged all year round.
We understand the need to match your requirements to your budget.
We can adapt all the training programmes to your needs and participant's ability.
Unique adventures created by you!
Tailor-made tours offer you the flexibility to choose your own path.

Bringing people closer to the sea to discover the vast natural heritage of the Costa Brava.

Promoting open-water swimming and other healthy physical activities in a safe and beneficial way.

Encouraging respect for the environment and helping to protect the seabed.

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