Why should you and your team book a sport tour through a travel agent having your Wi-Fi, computer and thousands of apps to plan a trip? Who in the age of the internet and with all the facilities that exist still book a tour with a travel agent? What can they do that we can’t do by ourselves? I could keep asking questions about why to hire a local travel agent to design THE perfect sports tour…

The answer for all these questions is short: they base your sports tour on previous experiences they have had with other groups and are well informed about the destination, Catalonia & Spain.

The first thing that might come to your mind about having a third party organizing your tour is the money it costs to get their service. But the story is different because this is the best investment you can do before organizing your sports trip.

If you make a list of the pros and the cons of booking a travel agent you’ll get the conclusion that being helped by a travel agent is the best option for you and your team.

Find here some reasons about the benefits a travel agent for a sports tour in Spain.

1. They know Catalonia & Spain like the back of their hand

Professionals in a travel agency know every secret and detail about your destination, Catalonia & Spain. Those people are usually locals with a deep knowledge about their territory which can be a great advantage for your tour.

You will not find the recommendations they have for you in the pages of a travel guide, travel agents want you to make memorable discoveries and see things that are not known as a tourist attraction.

They can recommend you a unique route for your bike with amazing stops and views or accommodations with incredible service.

If you’re with your football team they can make sure you’ve the best soccer tournament experience ever with teams from whole around the world and with some activities to relax yourself after a match.

There are uncountable sports you can practice in the territory of Catalonia & Spain because of the landscape and only the best professionals know how to combine it with some visits and tours after your daily exercise.

2.    Being personal is the key for the travel agents

The team organizing your sport trip have a name and a surname and take care of you from the beginning of your reservation till you’re back home and start your routine again. Keep always in mind that you’re not a number for them.

Travel agents will always be available through mail or phone calls for you no matter where you are on the planet Earth.

And because of this human element, anonymous call centers or a big center of operations where you’re not known are not an option. Expect a personalized service where all your tastes and preferences will be understood.

They’ll listen, understand and suggest every time you have a particular demand about your trip, travel agents do they’ll best to help you and at the end (believe it or not) they’ll become your friends. Only one person (you’ll not be passed from team to team) will attend you and will figure out which itinerary fits you the best.

Real advice for your sports tour in Catalonia & Spain is given based on your suggestions and wishes.

3.    Saves you time and stress

Organizing your sports tour will be easy. You will only have to tell the travel agents your wishes and they’ll do their best to make them come true. Their job is to make people enjoy their vacation and find the best programme that fits for them.

Imagine for a second any unexpected thing happens (hopefully not) during your sports tour, you will have nothing to worry about. They will take charge of your problems solving them as it were their issues and will be 24 hours available for you.

Do you need any other reason when knowing someone will carry for everything while you’re on a sports tour? The activities, sports and events will be scheduled for you so you don’t have time to bore you!

The only thing you will have to worry about is about packing your luggage and to be on time for your flight! Just relax and take it easy!

4.    You can save money (if not you get more value of your sports tour)

Travel agents can find the best solution for you. The main advantage is they get to know you and can offer you a personal programme with an adapted budget. Helping you saving money when possible and trying to focus on your wishes. Only they will know where the special deals are and how to spend the best the money on a sports tour.

Believe it or not, it’s cheaper and get extras and insider access to excursions, events and accommodation prices!

5.    Aware about the latest trends and changes

The world is changing very fast. Only the best advisors can tell you what is the best to do while on your sports tour in Spain.

No matter if you’re a big or a small group of people, travel agents know perfectly how to handle with everything and can give you the best solutions and plans for your sports tour.

Those people are constantly in touch with this sports world and know perfectly what the dynamics are of your sports and how the destination and the natural changes of the territory that might affect your sports tour.

Travel agents are constantly in touch with your potential destination and give you the most sincere advice to book your sports tour.

Don’t lose more time and start know to plan your unforgettable sports tour in Catalonia & Spain!