Have you ever thought about doing your favorite sport in a different place? I’m sure you have. In fact, Spain is the ideal destination to experience a sport tour and enjoy unforgettable moments with your sport team, company colleagues, your school buddies or even with your whole family.

Mixing sports, friends and amazing moments in a top location is one of the best plans you can make with your team. This is probably a perfect excuse to keep on track with your sport while you enjoy and share unique experiences.

Whether you play football, basketball, handball, rugby, hockey field, practice cycling, skiing or water sports it will be a fun opportunity to gateway! You will have the time of your life, take it for granted.

Try to imagine the situation for a minute. A sunny day with all the sport facilities you need and with a lot of activities to do after your heavy trainings sessions or friendly matches. What else can you ask for?

And what if you could enjoy your free time with cultural experiences, adventure activities and live in first person the best local traditions? Because your sports trip is not only about training or competing but also about having fun.

Let’s go to the point and discover which great opportunities has each of those amazing regions in Spain: Barcelona, Costa Brava and the Pyrenees.

1. Port Aventura

If you love living on the edge this is a great place for you and your team. Port Aventura is an amusement park situated in Tarragona. You can easily get there no matter where you are staying.

If you want to feel adrenaline, want to have fun and feel the real speed at the same time this is the place to be. You will for sure have the best time of your life and you won’t regret. Go and know your limits.

There are also options for the team members who might feel afraid and not feel attracted by this plan. Good news. There are also many activities during the day such as shows where you will get thrilled by the music, colors and professionality.

2. Water World

Take advantage of the nice weather and don’t miss the chance to go to the aquatic park which has the most unique attractions of Europe. Water World is located in the Costa Brava. This is the perfect plan to escape the summer heat.

Make great memories with your team going down the waterslides and splashing in the special swimming pools such as wave pools, Jacuzzi or other. You can also relax if you are tired and have a water break.

This is one of the best ways to stay cool in the summer while getting tanned without noticing. You will be tired at the end of this crazy day but it’s worth it.

3. Sagrada Familia

Are you looking for an amazing monument to visit? Sagrada Familia is actually one of the most visited churches all of over the world. It’s situated in the center of Barcelona and after this masterpiece of art there are a lot of years of work.

You will have heard of the name of Antoni Gaudi and if not wait till you arrive in Spain. Antoni Gaudi is the architect of the Sagrada Familia and his known for his distinctive style. You will never see again a similar monument, for sure.

4. Salvador Dalí Museum

Sharing passions and understanding is fascinating, especially if you do it with your friends in another country. If you are interested in art and paintings this will probably be a unique cultural experience.

Discovering new artists and seeing wonderful pieces of art in a museum might sound boring at the first place but if you do it with your friends and on top of it it Salvador Dalí’s work you will get surprised and time will fly in the museum.

Visiting this museum in Figueres, just one hour far from the Costa Brava, after a heavy training camp can be relaxing and may recharge the batteries of the team after getting inspired by such a genius as Dalí.

5. Montmeló Circuit

Have you ever dreamed about being a rice driver for one day? Well, then you should not miss the race circuit of Montmeló, in Barcelona.

With more than 25 years of experience they have a lot of activities to offer. From training with your bike around the circuit to the most exclusive GT driving experience with a dream car.

You can also discover their history or be VIP for one day and see a competition with the elite riders. Indeed, you can see all those sportspeople who appear on TV and the news life in Barcelona Montmeló Circuit.

6. The Montserrat monastery

Do you want to keep on training while hiking in the most breathtaking mountain you will ever see? Once you arrive at the top of the mountain called Montserrat you will have spectacular views with an incredible landscape.

You will feel pleased after this sensational experience. You can end this activity with a cultural touch visiting the museum of the monastery or the monastery with the Virgin of Montserrat.

7. Boat trip in Costa Brava

There is no place like the Costa Brava in earth. It is no wonder it has such a tourism influence.

In this place you will have lots of locations to train. Make trainings sessions different by training outside and breathing pure air or swimming in the clear Mediterranean water.

Discover the extraordinary characteristic of the Costa Brava. The combination of cliffs with caves with little beaches and bays. You should make an excursion to find out why every year lots of people go to Costa Brava.

A strong recommendation when in Costa Brava is to make a boat trip during the day to see the little villages near the coast. You can see it as an option to relax with or take a moment to focus on goals and the achievings made as a team. Think about it. It can be reinforcing to talk about your path in the middle of nowhere. Just you and your friends navigating in the Mediterranean Sea.

8. Tapas

Guess what… the best tapas of the world are in Spain. Eat as much as you as you can and try new things. The variety of tapas is broad and your sports tour isn’t complete without tapas.

Encourage your team members to taste new food and remember, the more time you sit at the table the better and the more Spanish you will be.

Everyone knows how much time Spanish people spend eating while drinking and shouting as if there were no tomorrow.

Take your time and enjoy like a real Spaniard.

9. Rupit in the Pyrenees

Do you want to book a different excursion with your team? Far from the coast, the tourists and the noise? Then Rupit is the place you are looking for.

Rupit has particular houses made of stones in a medieval environment. There are loads of routes to do with your team where it is almost impossible to miss the detail of the village.

Make an excursion far away from the bustle of the routines and disconnect from your projects. Discover the one and only Rupit.

10. Flamenco show

Yeah, it might sound typical but it’s one of the ‘musts’ in Spain. You haven’t been in Spain without having seen a Flamenco show.

What if this is possible while eating and drinking Sangria? You can see the traditional day show with your team and who knows, but maybe at the end of your sports tour you can dance it.

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