What is the first word that comes into your mind when thinking of Spain? Probably tapas, siesta or Barça- Madrid, also known as ‘El Clásico’.

When these two teams play matches magic happens. The world stops. F.C. Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F. are the biggest rivals in the Spanish league. This event is probably the most watched match in Spain.

It’s not a surprise that soccer is the most famous national sport in Spain. The funny fact about it is that almost every village has its own football team, pitch and supporters. The soccer culture is very powerful in Spain.

Whether you’re in an academy, organization, a football team, a school or a group of friends you have a unique opportunity to taste with your team and coach how it feels to play in Spain.

No matter what your goal is in this soccer tour we have the perfect plan for you.

Don’t regret yourself all your life and make sure you experience it once in your life. Why on earth would you miss a soccer tour in a country where you have the most competitive matches of Europe?

To get started you will visit the Camp Nou stage in Barcelona. You’ll become well acquainted with the infrastructures and the Barça values. And you’ll see all the trophies and a resume of all the epic moves, tricks and goals of the team in a spectacular museum.

The grandest thing of this international tournament is that you can play where Messi or Puyol started their football career, in Barcelona. Barcelona won’t be the only place to play you will also travel from village to village to play friendly matches while taking part in the football tournaments.

This international soccer tour is going to enrich you as a team, you’ll get to know better all your team members and above all you will learn. Everybody will learn something after this crazy experience.

You’ll not only learn from other teams but you will also learn from pro clinic coaches. Imagine you get a coaching session from professionals that know all the secrets about Leo Messi. You cannot only imagine it, you have the chance to participate in one pro coaching session with F.C. Barcelona coaches.

Playing matches in another country will not only give you a full of memories, pictures and cool videos but will also enrich you as a person. You’ll learn from other cultures and share your passion with teams from around the world.

There will be time to train, to prepare yourself, to try new things out as a team and free time. Because free time and quality time is appreciated after the friendly matches, pressure, concentration and nerves.

Of course there will be time for everything. You don’t want to come to Spain and miss out all the nice places? After every friendly match a cool activity will be waiting for you.

There are a bunch of things to do in Spain. From going to the beach to relax to enjoy a Flamenco night. The activities depend on the village in where you play your match.

A guided tour in Barcelona with free time will be included as well as the city of Girona which is near the Costa Brava. This two cities are the most popular ones in the territory you’ll be playing. Both of them have breathtaking monuments and wonderful zones to take a breath and relax in a terrace with some delicious tapas.

There will be also an excursion to a village called Figueres. This excursion will be perfect for the ones that are interested in art and in paintings, especially the ones who know who Salvador Dali is. A cultural experience with your team can be funny though.

A water sports days will be waiting for you as well as day on the boat. All the beautiful pictures you’re used to see of the Costa Brava, you’ll have the chance to see it with your own eyes. What would be a soccer tour in Spain without having time to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea?

In just 5 days you’ll have the choice to join lots of activities. Guided visits and activities for all tastes and ages. You won’t have time to get bored.

Every single activity is made for you to have fun with your friends. Fun will be guaranteed in this international soccer tour!

Relax yourself and explore more your host country. It’s about enjoying your football trip.

Hopefully, see you and your team soon!

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